Hi, my name, is Leroy Martinez. I was born and raised in a small town 25 miles north of Santa Fe New Mexico called Espanola. A place where we are best known for our red and green Chili. I have been making beef jerky for the past 35+ years. It all started when I couldn’t find the thin and crispy texture I preferred, so I decided to start making my own. My jerky is different from most jerky’s out there because it is thin, crispy, tasty and made to enjoy.

All of my staple flavors are my go to favorites and I know you’ll love them too! The green chili I use can’t be found anywhere, but right here in New Mexico. Although seasonal, I can never seem to keep a batch for myself, it seems to disappear even from my hiding spots. Although this particular Chili is known to be pretty spicy, I can make at different levels of spicy depending on my audience…grandchildren, daughters and friends. I have always been pretty stingy when I make Jerky for myself so I hide it, the funny thing is my family usually finds it! I tell them if they are going to eat my jerky they need to know how to eat it. Don’t eat it like a steak, you need to chew to enjoy it and make it last.

Our Green chili is only available in August and September, keep an eye out. In the fall the chili turns red, it is then grinded and becomes red powder chili. Although there are endless flavor options out there, my staple jerky flavors are Salt & Pepper, Red Powder Chili, Teriyaki (seasonal) Teriyaki Hatch Green Chili and they are sure to be added to your favorites list!

I’ve made my jerky for 35 years to simply enjoy the texture and flavors. My only request is that you take your time chewing, enjoy and make it last!

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In the old days, jerky makers would hang the meat on a clothesline and let the sun dry it out. They would add salt and throw a breathable thin cloth over the meat to keep the flies off the meat. After the meat would dry, it always came out chewy not crispy. The misconception around jerky is that jerky lovers only like their jerky meaty and thick. It was impossible to find thin and crispy back then. It was after I couldn’t find the thin and crispy texture I preferred, that I decided to start making my own over 35 years ago. Through trial and error and many opinions, it’s safe to say Leroy’s Jerky satisfies those of our signature texture and flavors.

Throughout my life, I have had many special memories with my family and friends and my jerky is at the center of all of them. What I’m best known for alive is what I know I will be remember for when I am gone. It will be up to my daughters to keep my jerky traditions going forward. (We can add an old picture showing jerky being hung on a clothesline)

…for those looking for beef flavor with a hint of salt, this one’s for you! Ingredients: 100% grass-fed beef and salt.